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3 Years Eh.

2012-11-23 22:34:32 by Dustysponge

Nobody reads these. But I'd thought I'd mark the day I came back to Newgrounds.

It's been 3 years.

I was such a dumb ass back then.


2009-11-01 10:25:05 by Dustysponge

Check out my new art!

Tell me what you think!

Go, do it now!

Hammer Fist Bill?

2009-08-07 08:36:10 by Dustysponge

What is this fantastic art that I have submitted doing here?
It's waiting, thats what.

It's waiting for some fantastic peeps to review, vote and scout it so that, someday, it will become a well known character in a video game or something.

Why not check it out?

An idea.

2009-06-27 20:55:56 by Dustysponge

I have decided that I should REALLY make an effort with my "artwork" from now on if I wanna share it with the world.

I mean WOW. Some of the stuff people put up here...

Really brings me down.


2009-06-18 20:15:35 by Dustysponge

Don't you just love spammers?

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
But are mostly , fat, lonely asswipes who have nothing better to do.

Just throwing out my thoughts.

I gotta some MEDALS

2009-03-02 17:02:25 by Dustysponge



I gotta some MEDALS

Who's gonna read this?

2009-02-09 13:48:24 by Dustysponge

It seems theres really no point of putting up news if no-ones gonna bother reading it.

Unless your well known and all that.

And whats with the artists news?
How do you become an Artist?
I'm a pretty good artist, so why am I not on the artists news thingy eh?


I also do my computer drawings on MS paint. Sue me.

Who's gonna read this?

All I want to do is to draw wonderful pictures straight from my computer,
but I can't when this FUCKING mouse keeps on spasticating on me, especially when
I'm trying to do delecite stuff.


I need some sort of tablet...

The Wii

2009-02-01 18:19:21 by Dustysponge

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what would be the best game system for me.
I mean 2 years back I got myself a Wii, and all was well. I would look at someone playing the Xbox 360
and laugh thinking " What a stupid fart licker, wasting his time with such a primitive machine! My Nintendo Wii has motion controls!! Think of the possibilities!!"

I think it's safe for me to say that when the Wii was announced, Nintendo supporters (such as myself) were
shitting and pissing their pants ALL AT ONCE because of it. I mean COME ON! You waggle the remote,
you punch someone in the face. THE FACE! People keep on saying that the Wii is shit because it's just for kids. I completely resent that. The Wii is for everyone. I mean, back before the Wii was released videogames were for geeks, but now, when you're playing Wii Sports, your Grandma would walk in and say " I'm so much better then you on that " and as a result she would kick your ass in boxing in front of all your friends.

Good Times.
The only problem is that now the Wii is getting bombarded with such "fantastic" titles as: Baby Care 4 and Horse Trainer 7, which is kinda ruining it's fan base.

It's not like i'm saying all the games on the Wii are bad, it's just a large ratio of games being sold are.
I'm never going to stop liking the Wii. It's just that I'm losing faith in it. Thats why i'm saving up for an
Xbox, due to the fact that I'll get more fun out of it.

And that it has Castle Crashers. Which looks awesome.

Oh, and Banjo.

Sorry Miyamoto...

The Wii